Scott Essential Professional Bulk Toilet Paper for Business (04460), Individually Wrapped Standard Rolls, 2-PLY, White, 80 Rolls / Case, 550 Sheets / Roll

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80 rolls per case, 550 sheets per roll, 44,000 sheets per toilet paper bulk Scott Essential Bulk Toilet Paper, in the Standard Rolls, gives you the reliability of the Scott Essential Brand clean. The 2-ply bathroom tissue is strong and absorbent enough to get the job done and satisfy your employees and guests Individually wrapped Scott Essential bath tissue rolls (550 sheets per roll) are protected until you’re ready to use them; with the large case size, you’ll order once (in bulk / wholesale) and get a lot of bath tissue These toilet paper rolls are designed to fit into universal, cored roll dispensers Meets EPA minimum standards (including 100% recycled fiber content) and is FSC and Eco Logo certified

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From the manufacturer

Dependable and Hassle-FreeDependable and Hassle-Free

Scott Essential Manual Hard Roll Towel System

One of the easiest roll changes on the market, which means less maintenance time from your staff

6x Longer than our standard roll6x Longer than our standard roll

Scott Essential Coreless Jumbo Roll Tissue System

Two-ply, 1,150’ roll is longer than six standard bathroom tissue rolls

Tough on dirt, easy on the environmentTough on dirt, easy on the environment

Scott Essential Electronic Skin Care System

Choose from products like an EcoLogo certified skin cleanser and a sanitizer free of alcohol, fragrance and dyes

Less waste, more savingsLess waste, more savings

Scott Essential Coreless Standard Roll Bathroom Tissue System

Proprietary coreless technology eliminates more waste, and will have a positive impact on your bottom line

Scott Essential High Capacity Hard Roll Towels

Scott Essential Coreless Jumbo Roll Tissue

Scott Essential Coreless SRB Tissue
Scott Essential Green Certified Foam Skin Cleanser Scott Essential Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer

Scott Essential High Capacity Hard Roll Towels

Scott Essential Coreless Jumbo Roll Tissue

Scott Essential Coreless SRB Tissue
Scott Essential Green Certified Foam Skin Cleanser Scott Essential Alcohol Free Foam Hand Sanitizer
Product Sku 02001 07006 04007 91591 12979
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2 x 2 x 2 inches; 8 Ounces

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Janitorial / Maintenance & Lunchroom Supplies

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April 4, 2004

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Kimberly-Clark Professional

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#160 in Paper & Plastic Household Supplies

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  1. Mystic Seer

    This stuff is fine, you’re wiping your rear end with it, not getting into bed with it or assessing its artistic qualities *rolling eyes*.The sheets are thin and it will tear if you’re not careful, just slow down and stop being a Neanderthal and you’ll be just fine.People are ridiculous, the paper is actually high quality for what it is.

    Mystic Seer

  2. Diane Dahlheimer

    I’d previously bought from Uline and intended to do so again, but the shipping was $25 which brought the total to around $80ish. I decided to check it on Amazon Prime and there was a discounted price at the time, I believe around $50 with free shipping of course. No brainer. The price has increased a bit, but still a good deal without shipping costs. The quality is better than expected on all counts. It NOT the super thin Scott you get at the grocery store. It has more texture and is absorbent.

    Diane Dahlheimer

  3. Chris X

    Honestly why are people complaining about butt wipe that is basically commercial toilet paper 🧻. Be happy you found some and just get to wiping. Would you rather use leaves or a corn cobs? This paper is fine really, it’s what you find in the stores and motels. It has a few specific things it has to do and well, yes, it gets them done ✅. Don’t expect quality at a bargain price. Be happy you found 80 rolls! I like it and recommend it over leaves…

    Chris X

  4. Drew

    If you can stock this up for home i suggest you do it. If your into the 3 ply stuff well its 2 ply and i hate 3 ply because if someone uses to much your toilet clogs easily.I found that is a significant savings per 100 sheets over the box store. If you can get this and store it, until you get down to about 10 rolls, i highly suggest it. significant savings and good quality TP.


  5. Star Lord

    When store shelves and paper product aisles were beginning to empty earlier this year, I knew I could turn to Amazon for a big’ol box of the white gold. I usually buy Scott brand in-store and when that’s out, I go with the value brand. I’m no pampered pooper… So this stuff works well and gets the job done. Looking back, I have no complaints I can think of…Pros:• 80 rolls, for a better price than in-store.• 2-ply. Thicc ‘nuff.• 3-4 month supply, even for large families.• Doesn’t clog the pipes.• 1000x better than the silk-thin, large, industrial rolls some people are resorting to buying.Cons:• Does NOT cure Covid19. (As many poured into stores imagining it would)• Mother-in-Laws will ask you to order them a box.

    Star Lord

  6. Jacey

    All the hoarders made me feel like I needed more turlet paper than I normally need. I really thought it would even out after a while, but now even people that didn’t want to hoard are thinking maybe they should put some back when they get a chance, simply because you never know if the shelves will be empty or not (as they often are here). I was happy to be able to get this and am sharing with my sister’s family. I was chancing getting the “business” grade, but although it is thinner than I am use too, it is not scratchy.. ha ha …. which means it’s all good to me as a backup. I would buy it again. Thanks Kimberly-Clark for this Scott paper. 🙂


  7. LJLJ

    Dude. This great big box of TP literally changed my LIFE. I bought this puppy back in February, before the you-know-what hit the fan, and I’ve lived in perfect non-anxiety ever since. What with this and the fifty pounds of pasta I bought, I haven’t had to leave the house in months! Take that, suburbanite Karens fighting in the paper product aisle at Walmart! Why would you not buy this? DO IT NOW! #gish


  8. Kat

    A lot of people complain about it being misaligned. That can be solved by unwrapping one ply around once and tearing it off. I know, kind of weird but that solves it. Second, they complain that it’s not super soft, or it’s not what you buy in a local grocery store. It’s not meant to be. This is the type of toilet paper you purchase if you own a public place with a bathroom. It’s “Professional” and says so in the title. That said, it works well enough. I buy this in bulk once a year and it does it’s job just fine.I live on a septic system, so the super fluffy, soft 20-ply toilet paper is not good for it. My family doesn’t mind this stuff. It’s better than toilet paper you would find using a public school restroom according to my toilet paper snob child who claims school toilet paper is basically thin sandpaper.Is it the softest? Not close. But it gets the job done. Doesn’t clog the toilet no matter how much some people seem to use in one sitting. It dissolves quickly.



    Scott’s is the best in my family. I feel fortunate to get stocked up during this aweful time. I never thought toilet paper is everyone’s first request before food. The box I received is individually wrapped, 2- ply and a price no one can beat 😉❤👍. I had a delivered dressed like will wonker. I pray he/she drives safe and makes his/ hers deliveries and gets home safe knowing they are much needed.I would loved to tip them but they move so fast. Maybe Amazon can set up a tip to the driver’s. I have PayPal 👍My only wish is that first responder’s, deliver’s, person shoppers,truck drivers, market workers, police, firemen and anyone working out of their home don’t get sick.Thank you Amazon & your delivery driver for risking his life for my needs.I hope everyone at Amazon knows how much you are appreciated. I am finding food shopping online is a good way to help my son in another state. Thank you 💖❤💖❤💖❤💖


  10. Rebecca Gonzalez

    Received very fast. Expected date was May 15th & I received March 25th. With every store being out of paper products & now our county being lockdown I’ve done a lot of online shopping with awesome results. Update- April 27-2020 this tp did get some bad reviews however I liked the tp. It’s not thick but does the job. Also it isn’t like the Scott you purchase in the stores it’s a little thinner then that but it doesn’t fall apart like some cheap store brands do. I purchased my box for $65 & had a $15 amazon credit. Be carful purchasing from so buyers price gudging I’ve seen the same exact product on this site for $136.55 & $199.99. I reported it to a customer service rep.

    Rebecca Gonzalez