Scott 1000 Trusted Clean Toilet Paper, 32 Rolls (4 Packs of 8), 1,000 Sheets Per Roll, Septic-Safe, Bath Tissue Made Sustainably

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About this item Durable 1-ply toilet paper is septic-safe, clog-free and dissolves quickly; also safe for RVs, boats, campers Made Sustainably: Scott 1000 Trusted Clean bath tissue is made from 15%+ recycled fibers* and responsibly managed forests (FSC-certified); Produced using 100% wind powered manufacturing** Cardboard cores are made from 100% recycled fiber and plastic packaging is 100% recyclable at store drop-off The same trustworthy, long-lasting quality you love, made sustainably; packaging may vary from images shown

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From the manufacturer

Scott 1000Scott 1000

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15%+ Post-Consumer Recycled Fibers

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Responsibly Sourced

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Recyclable Packaging

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100% Wind Powered Manufacturing*

*U.S. Manufacturing off-setting 100% purchased electricity with power generated at U.S. wind farms.

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100% Decomposable Tissue

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Scott 1000Scott 1000
Scott 1000Scott 1000
Scott 1000Scott 1000
Scott 1000Scott 1000
Scott 1000Scott 1000

Is Scott 1000 Trusted Clean safe for RVs and boats?

Yes, Scott 1000 Trusted Clean is safe for use in RVs, boats, marinas, outhouses, and other non-traditional bathroom settings.


What ply is Scott 1000 Trusted Clean toilet paper?

Scott 1000 Trusted Clean toilet paper is 1-ply and purposefully made to last longer on the roll, get the job done easily, and break down fast in a variety of sewer/septic systems.


Is Scott 1000 Trusted Clean toilet paper safe for septic systems?

Yes. Scott 1000 Trusted Clean toilet paper is 100% sewer and septic-safe and clog-free, and begins breaking down immediately upon flushing.


Is Scott 1000 Trusted Clean manufactured in a sustainable way?

Yes. Scott 1000 Trusted Clean toilet paper is made from 15% post consumer recycled fibers with 100% wind-powered manufacturing**. **U.S. Manufacturing off-setting 100% purchased electricity with power generated at U.S. wind farms.


Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎

18.1 x 16.75 x 9.75 inches; 12.8 Pounds

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Date First Available ‏ : ‎

April 23, 2021

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎

Kimberly-Clark Corp.

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#35 in Paper & Plastic Household Supplies

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  1. Jennifer B

    We call this our prison toilet paper. It’s super thin and won’t ever clog the toilet. We like the thing scratchy stuff. I feel like it shifts less and you get a better wipe. The plushy soft toilet paper sometimes doesn’t grip or make enough contact in my opinion. I also have two kids and they use a lot of toilet paper. Since exclusively buying this Scott 1000 one, we’ve not had to use our plunger. We’ve been buying it for like 4 years now. Usually from Walmart. But this price for 32 rolls is really good. And it’s nice not having to fit it all in the cart or forgetting to grab it at the store. I decided to subscribe and save. No complaints, lots of clean butts.

    Jennifer B

  2. Probably Valli

    My friends all hate this toilet paper and make fun of me for being cheap but ya know what? It doesn’t clog my 100 year pipes and it does what it’s supposed to do. Is it luxurious? No. Is it soft? Also no. It just does the job, isn’t expensive, and has not caused plumbing issues in my house like those three ply velvety thick brands. #scott4life

    Probably Valli

  3. Timothy K

    If you have trouble with your toilet clogging give this paper a try. It disintegrates rapidly and doesn’t clog the pipes like thicker toilet papers do. Use this especially if you’re dependent on apartment building plumbing.

    Timothy K

  4. Daniel S.

    This brand of toilet paper isn’t meant to be soft and absorbent. You buy it because it lasts longer. It gets the job done without spending as much as we would spend when we used Charmin. Each time we’ve ordered these we received exactly what we pay for!

    Daniel S.

  5. digital_everest

    With Scott basic TP you might be sacrificing some softness and comfort but it’s a small price to pay for the comfort of knowing nothing is left behind, no matter where or what personal job you use it for.Plus, the super kushy soft types use like a whole tree per roll which is just bad for your septic system and the environment. The 1000 sheets of Scott go a long way vs. the 17 you get from a similar sized luxury brand of compressed lint, basically.Don’t forget to finish the job right with Honest Brand natural baby wipes. But never flush em, trash bin only. No, I don’t work for them. I’m just an expert at this particular job.


  6. #askmisspatience

    With supply chain changes, Amazon doesn’t deliver this TP similar to pre-covid making it a challenge for regularity of delivery from sellers.Was able to get for a great price via sub and save then they stopped selling this way multiple times since the covid shutdown. Not sure why this is happening.Because like everyone else TP is essential. And for me, Scott with septic tank care is important so no clogs in this old house plus I do need 1000 sheets. Especially as daily superfood wheatgrass and grain consumer ;);)Great price. The product is quality. My septic system has run smoothly with no backups. I appreciate the last time sub and save did drop off. But see this time it’s listed but no longer selling sub and save. So switched to the 80 pack box of individually wrapped with 1200 plus sheets via sub and save. Saving money and happy to be stocked up for winter. This should last a while 😁Appreciate the sub and save when it was available two months ago. Very helpful.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💯


  7. Denise

    Nothing like having a large stock of TP around to feel secure!


  8. Michael Brown

    I’m not a 3-ply kind of person, mostly because they fall apart, clog the toilet (especially with kids), create a lot of dust, and you’re really never done wiping. I like a good scratchy clean, like when you go to the beach and get sand in your bathing suit – super exfoliating. If you’re like me, this product is your jam. 5 stars all the way.

    Michael Brown

  9. LikeClockwork

    I have no idea how to write a review for toilet paper. Thank goodness for Amazon prompts suggesting I could write about “softness”, “absorbency”, and “value for money”.Is it soft? Not particularly. It’s not like velvety, silky peach skins are gracing my nethers.Is it absorbent? I mean, sure. It’s porous paper.Is it a good value for my money? If it were 24k gold infused TP with emerald and ruby nuggets at the end of each roll, this would be a fabulous deal. I mean, the resell value would be A MAZE ING.This is TP. It works. It does what it’s supposed to do.


  10. Amber

    Love it BUT will not b buying it from Amazon anymore because i found it cheaper at walmart . SCOTT u just hiked the price up WAY TOO HI